We Automate Businesses

Using a combination of technologies:

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We automate businesses by building custom hardware and writing custom software.
Connecting clients with internal processes up to the suppliers.
Making the whole business more seamless and integrated.

We Design, Build and Crash Drones!

The above are a small selection of the drones built.

Providing drone workshops and trainings for the industry.

Drone Applications:

  • Undistored, high resolution 2D map
  • Landscape surveying by 3D scanning
  • High resolution 360° panoramas
  • Manual/Automated periodic surveillance

We fly 'em too

The following are a few samples. (compressed, actual resolution at least 4 times higher)

The above is a demo of our drone light show prototype using a drone swarm.
Seen in video are 8 drones with 2 as backup (total 10 drones used)

In the video, the drones are set to perform a spiral or helix.
These drones are pre-programmed to follow the routes using GPS coordinates.

The potential uses are for industrial applications and performances (to cover large ground in a short period).

We tailor-make IoT solutions

We run action-able analytics on your data

Using your input data, we can analyse and produce conclusions or predictions.

Input data can also come from IoT devices, Computer Vision.

And the conclusions and prediction will be used for automating business processes.

Such as:

  • Optimising delivery routes for drivers, using traffic and distance data
  • Predict when a specific user needs to replenish a product based on historical data from IoT devices

We write software that analyse 2D images & 3D scans

The above is a demo of both 2D & 3D computer vision.

Computer vision reduces thousands of man hours looking for things.

3D computer vision is achieved by obtaining 3D data of the subject, normally through 3D scanning.


  • Power line inspection
  • Vehicle traffic counting
  • Detect dents on airplanes

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